About the Company:

A company that designs, manufactures and sells purpose-built building products using a proprietary process to upcycle waste that would otherwise be landfilled. Producing premium building products with superior performance and competitive pricing using a proprietary process to upcycle at a cost well below other mechanical and chemical waste to value technologies.

About the Position:

The Project Engineer will provide accountability and oversight for the design of the waste processing facility at the Company’s first commercial scale Manufacturing Plant. This position will lead the design, contracting, construction, and commissioning of an innovative multi-million dollar waste processing facility.

This position will require leadership, mechanical and design aptitude, strong organizational and interpersonal skills. The role is primarily an “organizer” throughout the design & development of the plant. Experience in supervision, delegation, and project management is a must have.


Applicants MUST have prior experience with MRF's (Material Recovery Facilities) and Transfer Stations.

Engineering Degree in relevant field.

10 years’ experience within construction and/or operations of waste sorting & separating equipment, with quantified results.

Experience with capital intensive and highly automated installations.