BioFuel - BioRefinery - Waste to Energy - Ethanol - Biomass

The General Manager (GM) - President role is an integral leadership and management role within the company, working on behalf of the project owner. This is a full time position. The GM / President will be called upon to provide day to day management of the project company and have primary responsibility for meeting the Project's operational and financial goals. Additional responsibilities include functioning as the primary contact for the company within the local community and maintaining all external contractural obligations, managing feedstock and offtake agreements, and providing oversight of the O&M contractor.

The ideal person for this role will have a strong professional record of business and operation management in the ethanol and biofuels industry.

LLC Management:

  • Maintain bank accounts, records, permits, taxes, etc
  • Set annual budgets; tracking and responding to any deviations
  • Revenue management, including registration and verification for all applicable environmental attributes and tax credits
  • Contract and Contract Management
  • Strong understanding of Accounting and setting up policies, standards, procedures

Feedstock and Offtake Management:

  • Managing relationships and commercial operations with feedstock and off-take counter-parties
  • Managing testing, receipt, storage and payment for feedstock
  • Managing production, quality control, storage and delivery of offtake / product

Operations Monitoring:

  • Managing third party Operations & Maintenance provider