PVSyst - Energy / Performance Modeler (Utility Solar)

Performance Testing… Develop a consistent performance testing strategy whereby existing assets (owned assets), assets in construction, and assets in development can be tested from a performance point of view. Are plants hitting output numbers that were projected, if not, why? Are contractors adhering and hitting the performance standards that are necessary for the plants to produce projected capacity, if not, why? Be able to implement a strategic plan that can be monitored and duplicated.


  • 2+ years experience with PVSyst (Utility Solar)
  • REQUIRED to live in Miami, Florida
  • Ideal candidate will be capable of running 50-100 iterations (models) and organize data. Ideal candidate will have a computer science background (or similar) and have a very analytical approach with organizing and interpreting data retrieved from models.
  • Highly sought after: Someone with a computer science background or data management background