About the Company:

General Contractor in Washington, Oregon and California specializing in Fire Damage Restoration and Home Remodeling for both residential and commercial properties.

About the Position:

We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager and a leader for our sales team in Seattle. Responsible for managing and leading our sales team and our many internal departments to provide education, sales/consulting and guidance. The majority of our work is focused on assisting disaster victims. Approaching new potential clients in their toughest life moments, tasked with explaining, educating and bringing structure, expertise and clarity to a very difficult and complex insurance claim and rebuild process.


Favorable Previous Industry Experience: Construction or Real Estate Sales and Management, Enterprise Sales and Management, Insurance and Banking Sales and Management, Door to Door Sales and Management, Phone Sales and Management, Claim Adjusting, Other In-Person High Energy Sales and Management Positions.

Preference for multilingual applicants, especially Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese speakers.

This job offers variety, outstanding pay and new experiences instead of grinding out hours inside an office for "average wages".